Frequently Asked Questions

What are exotics?

This is a common question that is asked frequently in the adopt me community. Typically, exotics are pets that cost robux, or are hard to find. Although most cost robux, not all do. Some examples of exotics, are : Irish water spaniel / Pelican / Caterpillar / Goat / Purple Butterfly. Pets from eggs cannot be exotic, as they’re too common.

Why don't you add new pets right away?

Because new pets widely fluctuate in value, adding it too early before it becomes somewhat stable will artificially set it's values. Because when an item is new, people will give so many different offers, some way less than what it gets, some way more than what it gets. For those reasons, we like to wait until a broader group of the community comes to an agreement on it's value.

Who decides on the values?

Our values are 100% community-based, which means all our values comes from what the majority of the player base gets offered or give for the said item. With that being said, our team of value boards carry these opinions of the community and create polls and discuss on it's value and what it has been getting lately, and when all of the Value Boards come to an agreement on it's new value, the change will be on-pend for a final approval by an Administrator and finally be changed.

Contact us in our Discord if you have any more questions!